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REC Solar

Professional Partner in Cairns

Congratulations! You’ve taken the exciting decision to go solar and are now looking for reliable solar panels for your installation. We understand that solar is a long-term investment and with that, we believe in giving you the best quality products that will last for decades. 

That is why we choose to install solar panels from REC. REC is an international manufacturer of solar panels dedicated to empowering homeowners and businesses with clean, affordable long lasting renewable energy solutions. 

REC’s combination of leading technology, product quality, reliability, low warranty returns and commitment to sustainability makes them the ideal partner for your solar investment, be it a residential, off grid or commercial system.

Innovative Technology

The REC Alpha Pure panels combine a high efficiency with great looks. They provide more electricity output per metre, compared with other standard solar panels.

More power over decades

The power production capabilities of all solar panels will decrease over time. The REC panel range has a lower annual degradation than many competitor panels. This means your system will produce more electricity over the decades.

25 Year Warranty

The REC panels on offer from Replenishable Energy come with a 25 year product, parts and performance warranty. This warranty covers parts, transport, removal and installation costs.

Award Winning

REC won the prestigious Intersolar Award 2020 for its powerful Alpha solar panel technology. The “Photovoltaics” category award recognised the innovative technology that put the Alpha technology above many competitors especially in long term performance.


The REC Alpha panels use a specially-developed foil and wire combination to create the contacts between cells. This is a less invasive process than the high temperature soldering used on standard cells and protects the Hetrajunction cell’s integrity for longer life.

This ground-breaking technology is combined with innovative gapless cell layout, therefore using the entire panel surface to generate power. This guarantees more PV system power using less roof space. The ALPHA PURE series combine stylish panels with top quality and a long warranty with a fair price point.

Built strong for our cyclonic conditions the REC panels have industry leading low warranty returns and a reputation for reliability.

The Alpha Pure solar panel is lead and toxin free meaning these elements will not enter our environment when they are eventually recycled and disposed of. REC panels are manufactured in Singapore.

Established in 1996, REC has been selling panels in Australia for over 15 years and is recognised as a pioneer and World leader in innovative, high performance solar panels.


REC TwinPeak 4 is the latest in the REC TwinPeak range that has shown incredible reliability for REC over many years.

Based on the German Intersolar multiple award-winning REC TwinPeak technology, REC TwinPeak 4 panels bring heightened efficiency to REC’s portfolio. Building on REC’s long experience with half-cut cell technology, the REC TwinPeak 4 Series uses P-type monocrystalline cells, offering an even greater efficiency and power.

This highly adaptable panel is suitable for all applications, be it residential or commercial and any system sizes, anywhere in the world!

REC TwinPeak 4 features REC’s innovative layout and design with the high panel efficiency and power output of monocrystalline cells, enabling you to get more out of the space available.

This economically priced quality panel is helping to lower your energy bills and shorten the payback time through increased yield and lower costs.

The REC TwinPeak 4 panels come with a full 25-year product and performance warranty and are made in Singapore.

We recommend REC panels for Cairns

One of Australia’s toughest solar environments

REC panels have been producing renewable energy in Austrlia since 2006. Initially starting with a 230W model, REC’s technology has improved every year, to the point that their latest REC Alpha PURE can produce a massive 410 Watts.

We love the product as it offers superior power production especially in hot and humid conditions, Solar is a big investment, than can make you money for many years. You want to be sure that the system you install is going to deliver renewable energy and financial benefits for decades.

Replenishable Energy is proud to be the REC Cairns Professional Partner which means we can offer a 5 year longer product warranty than the standard installer, resulting in an Industry top class product warranty of 25 years.

Call one of our friendly, professional solar specialists to arrange a free site inspection today on (07) 4031 2251 or submit our contact form.

REC Solar Professional Partner

Being a part of the REC Network is quite special. They have exacting standards and only partner with solar dealers delivering exceptional service. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our REC Solar products.

Service You Can Count On

So, what do we do at Replenishable Energy, that makes us an important part of the REC Network? We provide excellent customer service, from the time of initial enquiry to design, installation and after sales support. We’re local and we’re committed to sustainability.