Q Cell Solar

Q Cell Solar

We are Q Cell Partners for Cairns, a strong endorsement of our solar capability

The Q.PARTNER Program established by world renowned solar panel manufacturer Qcells aims to provide customer recommendations to find a quality solar and battery installer network across Australia, that solar customers can rely on. 

Q.PARTNERs like Replenishable Energy are vetted, trained, and resourced to provide the best experience for Australian solar customers. By being a Qcells authorised partner we can source the solar panels direct, meaning we can offer you top quality product at the most cost competitive price. 

We also have been vetted by Qcells in regard to our installation experience, technical proficiency, staff experience, industry reputation and company structure.

Leading panel output

With an efficiency rate reaching levels as high as 21.4%, the Q Peak Duo module enjoys higher yield levels per surface area and higher power classes when compared to similarly sized panels.

Ongoing high performance

With Anti-LID Technology, Anti-PID Technology and Hot-Spot Protect Q Peak Due owners can trust that they will enjoy high performance from their panels for a long time to come.

Innovative all-weather technology

The Q.PEAK DUO ML-G10+ is able to supply optimal yields even in harsh or unfavourable weather conditions, with excellent low-light performance and great output even in high temperatures.

State-of-the-art module technology

The Q.ANTUM DUO product series combine cutting-edge cell separation technology as well as innovative wiring solutions with the Q CELLS Q.ANTUM technology, combined with a 25 year Product Warranty.

Q.PEAK DUO G10+ passes world class tests

The Q.PEAK DUO ML-G10+ is the peak of quality. Some of the first panels to ever pass the new “Quality controlled PV” comprehensive quality program from the independent certification institute TÜV Rheinland. This is the most stringent quality test in the solar industry.

More than a decade of local solar installs

First entering the Australian solar energy industry in 2009, Q CELLS rapidly made a name for themselves here by providing high quality local service assistance, on top of their premium solar modules being perfectly designed for the harsh Australian climate.

We’re proud to have been working alongside Qcell’s local service teams for several years now, and have seen the excellent in field performance from their module range.

Even when compared to previous models in the Q.PEAK DUO series, the ML-G10+ offers some of the best yield levels seen to date on a relative compact panel. The continually improving Q.ANTUM cell concept allows users to enjoy efficiency levels reaching as high as 21.4%.

Combine this efficiency with the panels extremely high levels of wind loading and safety, and you receive one of the best small size panels available on the market today.