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As of now, transportation through fossil fuel is the third most polluting activity in Australia. To tackle this, Australia is turning towards electric vehicles. It will minimize the dependence on fossil fuels and means less CO2 generation if we use solar electricity to power the EVs.

At Replenishable Energy, we understand how the EV landscape is changing. So we have added the installation of EV chargers and solar storage batteries to our installation options. In recent times, the inquiries about installing EV charging points have doubled.

Replenishable Energy has a number of solutions and combos to offer solar, storage batteries, and EV charging for Cairns and the surrounding regions to meet the rising demand for EV charging stations in Cairns

Our vast experience in installing solar pv and battery solutions enables us to meet all the requirements to install electric vehicle charging stations in Cairns. Our team is well-equipped to answer your questions about the various models of EV charging stations. These charge stations go well with our Tesla Powerwall 2 battery solutions.

Our team understands the complexities of installing EV chargers & can come up with viable solutions.

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Charge Using Your Own Solar Power

As a PV system owner, you'll already be aware of the environmental and economic advantages of generating your own energy. As the owner of an electric car, you can significantly increase your potential savings with the Fronius Wattpilot. This electric car charger can switch between 1 and 3-phase automatically and regulate its output in 1 ampere steps. This allows it to make optimal use of the surplus PV energy from 1.38 kW to 22 kW and use any surplus energy from your PV system to sustainably charge your vehicle at virtually no cost.

Your benefits: you save while you charge and make optimum use of your PV system so that it pays for itself faster.

Commander 2

Wallbox Commander 2 provides the easiest and shortest path towards smart electric vehicle charging for your business at the best price. Combined with myWallbox for businesses, included at no additional cost, this EV charger for businesses reduces the overall investment in installation and power demand thanks to features like: smart load management, lifetime operation support and activating charging as a revenue stream.

Pulsar Range

Wallbox Pulsar and Pulsar Plus chargers are designed for smart EV charging with high power and an incredibly small footprint. The Pulsar range is ideal for everyday use at home. With its compact and minimalist design, it fits in any garage and features a wide variety of options through the myWallbox app.

Plug into the Future

Replenishable Energy offers comprehensive battery and electric charging solutions that include AC charging, DC chargers & maintenance of charging stations. Our team is well versed with current standards and regulations enabling informed advice and design on new charging stations.

As the leading renewable energy electricians in Cairns, we are one of the most sought-after battery and EV charging installers in the wider Cairns and Port Douglas area.