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Battery ready solar systems Cairns is something we do at Replenishable Energy. We also demystify the process for you, providing you with plenty of options and advice, so you can make informed choices best for your property, needs and budget. So, what is a battery ready solar system? Pretty much what its name suggests. It’s a solar system that has been designed and installed in such a fashion, that you can add a solar battery to it, at some time in the future.

While the explanation is straight forward. The delivery is more complex. Why? The design, installation and products chosen for your solar system from the outset, can mean the difference between a cost-effective battery add-on later, and a cost prohibitive process. Will your panels produce enough power for consumption as well as battery storage? Will your inverter deliver the functionality needed? Read on for more information or just give us a call on (07) 4031 2251.

Hybrid - No Backup

This system enables you to ‘store’ your excess solar energy in a battery. However, if there’s a power outage, you are unable to access the stored energy.

Hybrid - With Backup

This system also allows you to store your excess energy in a battery. You can access it during a power outage, by using the grid switch which is manually operated.

Battery Ready

This system uses a hybrid inverter, which can convert the power from DC to AC, from panels and battery. You’d need to specify if you want backup or not.

Consider a Hybrid Inverter now

What does the term ‘hybrid’ refer too, in regard to a battery ready solar system Cairns? It means you start with a ‘regular’ grid connected solar system, configured and installed in such a way, to make battery addition possible in the future. Or if we’re referring to the hybrid inverter, it means you get one inverter that converts for the battery and the panels.

If you don’t get a hybrid inverter, then it means you will need to get another, separate inverter for the battery, as and when you install it. If you want a battery ready solar system Cairns, then it’s important to choose panels, which maximise power production for space. This not only minimises the number of panels needed, but ensures there’s still some roof ‘real estate’ to add additional panels for the battery, if needed. We’d also suggest a minimum 5kW system, to ensure you’re able to generate sufficient solar power for use during the day and also to power the battery.

The Role of the Inverter

As with all solar systems, the inverter is a critical component. The inverter is the equipment responsible for converting the DC power generated from your panels, into AC suitable for use. Hybrid inverters as mentioned above, can perform this function for the grid and the battery.

Non-hybrid inverters cannot. Which means that when you add a battery, you will need to add another inverter. Sometimes this is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s all in the timing on when you think you might be adding the battery to your solar. We can explain.

Replenishable Energy design, supply and install battery ready solar systems. Cairns customers include residential, commercial, rural and light industrial. For more information, contact us today on phone (07) 4031 2251 or