JA Solar

JA Solar

When quality and budget matter

JA Solar is one of the renewable industries earliest pioneers and its foundation started in 2005. The company as a wide range of interests from silicon wafers production, cells and module manufacturing to the installation of complete photovoltaic solar farm systems. Its products are sold to over 130 countries. With close to 30,000 staff and over 300 million modules sold worldwide JA is a significant player in the solar industry. 

On the strength of its continuous research and technological innovation, Replenishable Energy has decided in 2015 to offer the JA solar modules to our local customers, and has since that time installed their products across Tropical Queensland with many satisfied solar customers for residential, commercial and farm systems.

120 Half Cell technology

The JA 390W monocrystalline module offers the 120 Half-Cell technology. The half-cell configuration offers high power output, better temperature coefficient than conventional full cells, lower efficiency loss against shading and higher resistance to mechanical loads.

Wide range of applications

Ideal for both off-grid and grid-connected residential and commercial installations, this versatile product stands out for their positive quality/price ratio and their great power in a relative small size panel.

15 Year Product Warranty

JA solar panels come with a 15-year product warranty and a 25-year linear output warranty. The panel dimensions are 1769mm height x 1052 width with a 20.5Kg weight.

Power and performance even in low light conditions

JA solar’s monocrystalline modules have 9 busbars and offer an excellent response even in extreme temperature conditions or low solar radiation, such as on cloudy days, at dawn or dusk.


JA SOLAR is a global manufacturer of high performance PV products. They have had a presence in Australia for over a decade with solid after sales service.

JA SOLAR’s new Percium range delivers a high efficiency and an economical price point. Their new mono Si cell technology has passivated backside and Back Surface Field BSF, by reducing surface recombination velocity (SRV) and by introducing a highly doped layer on the rear surface of the wafer.

Built strong for our cyclonic conditions the REC panels have industry leading low warranty returns and a reputation for reliability.

The Alpha Pure solar panel is lead and toxin free meaning these elements will not enter our environment when they are eventually recycled and disposed of. REC panels are manufactured in Singapore.

Established in 1996, REC has been selling panels in Australia for over 15 years and is recognised as a pioneer and World leader in innovative, high performance solar panels.