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Our Power Partners

Replenishable Energy use only the best brands and products to create superior solar solutions, for their rural, commercial and residential customers. The brands we choose are award winning, offering long term reliable service and performance. They come with long manufacturer warranties and include Q CELLS, REC, JA SOLAR, Fronius, SolarEdge, Enphase and Sungrow.

We’re also proud to be the exclusive Cairns Certified Installer for the Tesla Powerwall. This innovative new product has twice the energy storage capacity of its predecessor, which means it gives you the opportunity to be 100% self-powered at home. Suitable for residential and light commercial use, it comes with a 10 year product warranty.

Replenishable Energy are accredited solar installers and licensed electricians, with a total commitment to exceeding your expectations. Our team of highly experienced solar specialists are always researching the latest industry trends and developments, to ensure your Cairns solar power products deliver the very best possible results for your individual requirements.


Founded in 1996, REC Group is an international pioneering solar energy company dedicated to empowering consumers with clean, affordable solar power. As Solar’s Most Trusted, REC is committed to high quality, innovation, and a low carbon footprint in the solar materials and solar panels it manufactures. Headquartered in Norway with operational headquarters in Singapore, REC also has regional hubs in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Replenishable Energy is one of RECs specially selected partners to offer extended warranties and high class installation service.

JA Solar

JA SOLAR was founded in 2005 and since then has expanded its operations globally, to provide its products in over 100 countries and regions. Specialising in high performance photovoltaic (PV) products, JA SOLAR is driven by technological innovation and sound financial performance. For several consecutive years, the company has been listed on the Fortune China 500 list and the World TOP 500 Energy Companies. Today its product range and business portfolio includes wafers, cells, modules and photovoltaic power stations, as well as a range of high performance PV panels.


Sungrow uses cutting edge string inverter technology to harvest and store abundant solar energy to provide clean power for all. Replenishable Energy has been using this leading brand in the past 5 years with good results Sungrow, which was established in China in 1997, is the largest manufacturer of inverters by kW in the world. Sungrow over the past 2 decades has become known for its innovative and high-quality products, which has allowed the company to grow. The company has been in Australia since 2012. The Sungrow local head office offers extensive support including technical support and sales support.


Enphase Energy is an American NASDAQ-listed energy technology company headquartered in Fremont, California. Enphase designs and manufactures software-driven home energy solutions that span solar generation, home energy storage and web-based monitoring. Enphase has manufactured over thirty million solar microinverters worldwide. Microinverters convert the direct current power from the solar panel (DC) directly into grid-compatible alternating current (AC) for use or grid export. They are seen as a flexible and safe solar inverter solution. Enphase was the first company to successfully commercialise the microinverter on a wide scale and remains the market leader in their production.


SMA have over 30 years’ experience developing and distributing solar inverters and innovative technology for intelligent energy management solutions. This makes them one of the most experienced brands on the market. SMA create residential, commercial and industrial systems, providing solar customers with complete control and transparency over the production and consumption of their solar power. Provide on and off grid solutions with maximum energy yield, given the conditions and location of your solar system.

Q Cells

Q Cells is one of the world´s largest solar manufacturers. The company has its head office in in Seoul, South Korea and its research HQ is located in Thalheim, Germany. With its manufacturing facilities located in South Korea, Malaysia and China, Qcells is in a unique position to ship efficiently to all global markets. They offer the full spectrum of PV products from modules to storage systems and large scale solar power plants. Replenishable Energy has been appointed as a Qcell Partner, a position which is only offered to the top quality focused solar companies.

Solar Edge

SolarEdge is a global leader in smart energy technology. Established in 2006 they developed a new DC optimised inverter solution that changed the way power is harvested and managed in photovoltaic (PV) systems. This revolutionary system maximises power generation and minimises the cost of energy produced by the system, for improved return on investment. Today, SolarEdge are the leading global invertor manufacturer, with over 600,000 SolarEdge PV sites monitored in 125 countries around the world.


Build Your Dreams (BYD) is a USD 16 billion company that is the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries and a leading supplier of electric vehicles. Warren Buffet the US investor, is a key influencer and driver in the company. Today, BYD employs more than 220,000 people worldwide, including production and sales locations in Europe, America, Japan, India, and many more. The company is involved in a joint venture with Toyota and are manufacturing a fleet of electric vehicles, and they’re starting to bring these vehicles into Australia. Mercedes Benz has selected BYD as a battery of choice for their electric cars.


Fronius specialise in creating solar power system inverters and energy management systems, enabling solar customers to accurately monitor the power output and usage of their systems. Fronius products and technology include datalogging and visualization software, which creates easy to understand ‘reports’ on your power usage and output levels, for any given time throughout the day. By choosing Fronius inverters and energy management systems, you are maximising energy production and empowering yourself to understand the effectiveness of your solar power system. Replenishable Energy are proud to be certified Cairns Service Partners for Fronius Australia. We carry spare parts for Fronius inverters and are trained by Fronius to provide a quick and efficient warranty service.


Powerwall is a revolutionary addition to the world of solar battery storage. Offering twice the energy storage capacity of its predecessor, the new release Powerwall is ideal for residential and commercial clients, who want to gain independence from the grid. It can be easily integrated with existing solar systems, or be incorporated in new designs and installs, to enable you to achieve maximum power production and use efficiency, from your solar system. Use your solar power at night or when there is a power outage, with seamless transition thanks to the Powerwall’s completely automated system. 10 year warranty with no ongoing maintenance.