High Quality After Sales Support

After Sales

Support & Maintenance

Our client relationships with you as our solar customer does not stop after the system has been installed but continues for the lifetime of the item. Often customers seek to add a battery after a few years, want to get the system expanded, or simply looking out for a maintenance call after a few years, to ensure everything is working as it should be.

Here at Replenishable Energy, we take pride in the level of after-sales service and assistance we provide. You’ll be dealing with a local family-owned company who understands your needs because we listen. We have a thorough understanding of solar maintenance tasks and can handle everything from total system services to fault finding and system expansion requests.

Unfortunately, many “come and go” solar companies place little emphasis on after-sales service. This is problematic because one of the causes for the bad perception of solar is a severe lack of after-sales care. When the focus is all on the “sell cheap front end”, but not on the long term positive financial outcome, then you will miss out on quality, lasting, correctly installed panels, inverter and racking.

It’s easy to make a judgement based just on pricing when it comes to purchasing solar. Nevertheless, you should put the reliability of the installation company as well as after-sales support and maintenance at the top of your priority list.

Buying from Replenishable Energy in Cairns, who has been in this industry for more than a decade, will allow you to have someone who you can call promptly if you have a system issue, if you have to ask a question, or if there is a system fault.

We're here for the long haul

Your renewable energy installation company should be devoted to being your long-term partner in your renewable energy journey. After a few years for example, a maintenance visit is recommended to get the most long-term productivity out of your solar system, and we will be available to respond to your request. Many competitors, unfortunately for their customers, will have come and gone in this timeframe, like over 800 install companies since 2011.

If the price appears too good or is much less than other quotes, please do not believe you have discovered a great solar deal. The truth is that this decrease in price means you also get a inferior product, a lack of advice or most likely no long term support or maintenance services, which could leave the low quality installation stranded with no easy way to fix the situation.