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Cairns solar battery storage is the perfect extension to any solar system and has never been more affordable. There is a range of solar battery products on the market, all designed to provide you with more energy independence, for longer. During the day your solar system will feed into the battery, giving you solar power at night. Also great for blackouts and cyclones.

Replenishable Energy are the solar specialists, creating custom solar solutions for rural, residential and commercial customers. We supply, install and maintain solar battery solutions for customers across Cairns and the North Queensland region, including the Tablelands, Port Douglas and Mossman and the Cassowary Coast. This includes the Tesla Powerwall.

We’re a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer and are pleased to provide obligation free site inspections and quotes. Phone (07) 4031 2251 / 1300 682 773.



Solar batteries allow you to store the solar power generated during the day. This means you can use it at night or during a blackout and/or cyclone. Solar batteries increase the productivity of your solar system and maximize your cost savings, by reducing your reliance on the mains power supply. Replenishable Energy suggests including solar battery storage in most of their solutions, but will customize a quote to suit your specific needs and requirements.


Replenishable Energy is one of the most trusted & reliable Tesla Battery installers & resellers in the wider Cairns region. We have extensive experience in battery storage installation having completed some of the most technically challenging on and off grid storage solutions.

A Tesla Powerwall is a very efficient and safe way to store excess renewable electricity. It’s very compact, well-designed, looks good & easy to install. It supports your long term goal of being self-sufficient for your electricity needs. Replenishable Energy offers Tesla and other batteries, so you have plenty of models and budgets to choose from.


The SolarEdge Energy Bank 10kWh battery is designed to easily connect with our award-winning single phase HD-Wave inverters, delivering industry-leading efficiency to ensure power when and where it’s needed most.

Together with SolarEdge’s integrated Smart Modules, monitoring and management platforms, and growing family of smart energy products, you’ll have one single source for everything – products, warranty, support, training and system management.


This home storage battery offers a sophisticated lithium-ion solution and is manufactured by Q Cell, the same manufacturer as our highly prized quality solar panels.

It stores excess electricity produced during the day times by home solar systems. You can utilise this stored electricity on very cloudy days or during the night when sunlight is not available. This battery is scalable and comes in 6.8 kWh, 13.7 kWh and 20.5 kWh to suit specific household sizes and energy consumptions. With a 15-year product and performance warranty it is a leader in this field.


BYD is a USD 16 billion company that is the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries and a leading battery supplier for electric vehicles. Warren Buffet the US investor, is a key influencer and driver in the company.

Today, BYD employs more than 220,000 people worldwide, including production and sales locations in Europe, America and Japan.

The company’s home battery modules optimize your solar system, by absorbing excess PV electricity to supply houses with energy when you need it most. You can add up to four batteries per module to meet your storage requirements.

SolarEdge - StorEdge On-Grid Solution

Replenishable Energy have partnered with SolarEdge to provide Cairns’ solar citizens with a superior battery and on-grid solution. The StorEdge DC coupled storage solution helps homeowners reduce electricity bills, providing maximum independence from the grid. StorEdge provides high system efficiency, with no additional conversions from AC to DC and back again.

Compatible with the Tesla Powerwall

The StorEdge solution is compatible with the Tesla Powerwall. It stores ‘excess’ power from throughout the day, making it available to use when needed. To optimise self-consumption for owners, the battery is automatically charged and discharged on demand, to meet user needs. This reduces the amount of power purchased from the grid. Existing SolarEdge systems can be upgraded to the StorEdge solution.