Cairns Solar Power

Finance Options

Cairns solar power finance options are numerous, making it achievable to install a quality solar power system at your property. While Replenishable Energy to do not provide solar power finance options themselves, we are happy to provide appropriate suggestions and guidance.

One option is to add the solar system to your home loan. Real estate experts will tell you that an effective solar power system does add real value to your property; so, why not add it to your existing loan and make repayments easy and manageable? Another option is to seek finance with a specialised provider, who focusses on finance for the solar energy sector, like Solar & Energy Finance.

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Add Solar to your Home Loan

Solar systems are an investment in your property and financial future. Not only will an appropriate solar system create sufficient energy to significantly reduce your power bills, it will also add value to your property. Mortgage rates are often significantly cheaper than personal loan interest rates, so if you have the capacity, then this is something to consider.

Please note, it is always best to seek independent financial advice from your bank or home loan lending facility, in regards to your specific circumstances.

Solar & Energy Finance

Many of our customers choose to go through Solar & Energy Finance, who specialise in providing finance solutions to customers and installers in the solar energy sector. They cater to the residential and commercial sectors with easy to complete online forms. This is essentially taking a personal loan to cover the cost of your solar system or solution.

Please note Replenishable Energy is in no way affiliated with Solar & Energy Finance. We do always recommend customers seek independent financial advice for their specific circumstances.

Get Solar Sooner

Brighte Green Loan

You can use the Brighte Green Loan for energy efficient products such as solar, batteries, solar hot water, and solar heating and cooling.

  • Borrow up to $30k
  • 7.99% p.a. fixed interest rate
  • Approval within 1-3 business days