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Commercial Solar System

Product Warranty vs Performance Warranty

First, let’s get back to the basics and what the Australian Regulations and the laws say. The Trading and the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) have some strict definitions on Guarantees, contracts and warranties. There are quite a few differences amongst those and here we want to highlight some of the differences first, before we get into the details […]

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Cairns home with Solar System

Why is it important to buy a quality solar system in Cairns?

Why is it important to buy a quality solar system in Cairns? Many local solar interested house owners would not be aware that Cairn’s has one of the most unforgiving climates when it comes to the cheaper range of solar panels. Why do we know this? The Cairns climate is tough on solar panels Because […]

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I got a solar system. Will I still get a bill?

I Got a Solar System. Will I Still Get an Electricity Bill?

Are zero-dollar bill promises – just a solar marketing gimmick? Often when one is interested in a solar system, the cheaper advertisements make big promises regarding financial returns. They use terms like Bill Busters or Zero Dollar Bills. How realistic are these claims? Here at Replenishable Energy, we believe the first step in providing customers […]

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