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Cairns solar power providers Replenishable Energy provide residential, commercial and rural customers with a range of superior solar services and systems. We use the best brands and products, to deliver maximum power generation, for your location and consumption requirements. Our solar solutions will provide significant cost savings on your energy bills.

Our highest priority is to exceed your expectations. With our service, advice and products. As proud Cairns solar power providers, we customise our solar solutions to meet your individual needs. We engage and inform, delivering products and services which provide high end performance, with reliability and longevity. Call us today for a free quote on 1300 682 773.

We cover all of Cairns and surrounding regions, including the Tablelands, Port Douglas and Mossman, the Cassowary Coast and Queensland.

Replenishable Energy are the Solar PV Specialists

We use the best products to provide superior performance with maximum reliability. Locally owned and operated, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations.

Why Solar Is the Best Choice

Solar power is a sustainable energy source. It has already been around for a few decades and is becoming more mainstream in residential, commercial and farm applications. As well as the obvious environmental benefits, solar power has never been more affordable with the cost of production, supply and installation really reducing over recent years.

Solar Will Save You Money

Electricity prices will only increase. Investing in a suitable solar system today, will save you money. We work with you to future proof your system, ensuring we create a solar solution which will serve your needs for years to come. Generally speaking, customers will be at break-even point from paying for their residential solar system, from the savings they make on their power bills, in about five or six years. From there on in, it’s ‘free electricity’ for you and your property, with the potential to even make some money by selling excess power back to the grid. See our Beginners guide to Solar.

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It’s a fact, installing a solar system will increase your property’s value. This is not a lifestyle choice, like adding a swimming pool, it’s investing in the long-term appeal of your property, to either future renters and/or purchasers and/or commercial tenants.






Cairns Solar Power Providers


Cairns solar power providers Replenishable Energy will help you plan for the future when designing a solar solution for your property. We look at your energy consumption habits of today and how they may change over the years. We explain the options when it comes to PV panels and inverters. We provide real life examples of energy management systems, with easy to follow graphics and diagrams demonstrating solar power production and consumption, whether it’s being used in your property, fed back into the grid or stored in a solar battery for use later.

Did you know the potential energy production of a solar system is dependent on three things? The number of panels installed, the efficiency of the panels and the capacity of your inverter. We’ll help you calculate how many and what type of panels and inverter you need, to help you plan for the future. Top Tip: Buying larger more efficient panels, is a better choice than buying a lot of smaller panels. Buy now with the needs of tomorrow in mind.


Tilting, orientation and your daily routine are all things we consider at Replenishable Energy, when preparing a customised solar solution for you. In Australia (generally), solar panels will produce the maximum amount of power when they are installed to face north at a tilt angle of 15 to 30 degrees. However, when you factor in that our power companies have ‘peak’ time of day metering charges, it may mean you adjust your consumption to suit off peak times, which means your panels should be tilted another way or angle.

For example, if you use lots of energy in the morning then it makes sense to have east facing panels, whereas north-west is good for customers who use energy in the middle of day and afternoon. Depending on your roof’s ‘real estate’, we can design a system which generates solar power for more hours of the day, no matter where the sun is situated in the sky.

Contact us to arrange a free site inspection on 1300 682 773.

Our Happy Customers

The supplier listened to our requests and gave us a comprehensive explanation as to why he recommended the system he chose. The quote was provided promptly with all details clearly itemised. The contractors were professional and completed the work on the date booked. Although we have only had it installed for a few days the system is working exactly as we were told it would. I definitely would recommend this company.


Replenishable Energy provided a professional and efficient service and were very informative in their knowledge of the best system for our needs now and in the future. They also worked within our budget at this time but ensured we are able to add a battery in the future should we proceed with that option. Unlike other providers, they treated both of us with respect and honoured their quoted price. Every one with dealt with at Replenishable Energy were professional and courteous.


Rollo & staff at Replenishable Energy are an excellent group of people to deal with, and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to install solar.


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