When I first spoke to Dean at Replenishable Energy he was the first salesman who actually listened to what I wanted instead of just trying to flog me the then current Christmas special that others in Cairns were pushing. Dean readily admitted that what I wanted was a bit complex and suggested that I speak to his boss Rollo, the owner of the business. Rollo sat me down and explained why I couldn’t have what I wanted (2 * Tesla Powerwalls) due to the current rules in QLD placing a limit on the number of grid-tied inverters that can be connected to a single-phase supply. Rollo also went through the costing for installation of things such as 3-phase power and other assorted options for battery storage. There was no pressure, just the supply of good solid facts and Rollo then left me alone for some weeks to digest it all. Then he rang me to discuss a relatively new Solax hybrid inverter that could be connected to 4 LG CHEM RESU 6.4KwHr batteries and would run in “Emergency Power Mode” following the loss of grid supply. Rollo was quite honest in telling me that his company had not installed a similar Solax system, he generated a price and left me to do my own research.

I accepted the quote and Rollo and his crew actually turned up a day prior to their original estimated install date. I was immediately impressed with the way in which the Replenishable Energy crew conducted themselves, they were neat, clean and tidy and none of the “colorful” language normally associated with tradies. They also turned up when they said they would and cleaned up on a daily basis. Sadly there were some problems with commissioning, but to be honest you have to expect that sort of thing when you are installing a “first of kind.” Dan and Paul spent a day finishing off the system and attempting to fully commission it after a short delay that was due to a supplier not sending the correct communications cables and then everything being stuck on the wrong side of a flooded creek. When the system still did not work as expected Dan arranged to return with Solax and LG installation support personnel available by phone and he put in a marathon day getting the system working as it should.

Given the impact having skilled people like Dan and Paul offline when there were numerous other more mainstream installations to be done speaks volumes for the business ethic and problem-solving of Replenishable Energy. Whilst we saw Dan and Paul attempting to solve problems, Rollo and Amanda, behind the scenes kept suppliers and technical support people up to the mark.

At the end of the day we now have 56 * 270 watt panels on our roof, all panels fitted with Tigo Optimizers (the first thing Rollo said when he saw the satellite photos of our roof was that we would have to fit optimizers to lessen the impact of the severe shading) 1 * Solax “export” inverter and a Solax 5000 series hybrid inverter and BMU. Lastly, we have 4 by 6.4KwHr LG CHEM RESU batteries, all neatly housed in a Solax “power station” cabinet and detached battery cabinet. The installation (and the wiring to it) is neat and professional looking.

I am happy with our system as after only one day I know it is going to do exactly what we wanted. More to the point I am over the moon with the quality of advice provided by Dean and then Rollo. I was impressed on day one by the professional courteous way the Replenishable Energy crew conducted themselves onsite and when things got a bit tough with the commissioning it was treated as a problem to be solved at the expense of other business and not something to be put aside. You have to respect that kind of dedication.

Would I recommend Replenishable Energy? Absolutely and without reservation.