It was the sales consultant Dean that gave me the first impression that this company treats it customers as a person not just a sale. He was knowledgable, friendly and understood my needs and wasn’t there to flog anything I didn’t really need.
Actually gave me a bit higher wattage panels than the ones in the original quote at no extra charge. That was a bit of a bonus.
The price also included a Fronius Smart Meter so I can keep track of things and a Green Catch Power that has eliminated any grid power needed to heat hot water.
Also the panels are on second story roof.
Installation team where great, punctual, polite, friendly and left no sign that they had been except for a professionally installed system. Great team of guys.
I think the customer service would be second to none, very helpful friendly team.
They organised the meter change and grid connection ,even helped me setup the system on
which I found a bit confusing at first.
One week after the system was installed an Ergon tranformer blew up nearby and we had a huge power surgery which fried the data card in the inverter(also a few other things like a aircon, coffee machine and smoke alarm)
Replenishable came and installed new data card and only charged for installation.
I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone in the Cairns/Tablelands area.