System only installed 1 hour ago. But a summary of my experience thus far as per below:

* Quoting was professional and friendly.
* Installation was quick and efficient. Installers arrived just before 8 am and left around 1 pm. The work was very clean. They re-marked all of the switchboard switches with neat printed stickers (over faded marker pen). All conduit was installed straight / square and tidily finished. Installers were polite.
* My software for the system was setup for the system within ~1 hour of finishing installation.
* Customer service has been very responsive, from top to bottom. Due to personal circumstances I requested a fast-tracked install (if the opportunity came up) and they managed to get my installation done within a very short period of making payment and I am very appreciative of their consideration.

Overall – very happy and very satisfied. The process has been completely painless (so far). Will recommend Replenishable Energy to everyone I meet!