I have been busting my arse waiting to send this review, but wanted to wait until I had received two full electricity bills. I did the normal thing went out and got 4 quotes, and it all lead me to Rollo and the team. My suggestion to anyone reading this is, DON’T BOTHER GOING ANYWHERE ELSE.

Value for money, system quality, the whole team including the ladies in the office – all 5 stars. Paul the installation electrician, said to me on the day of install, that he would be ordering another cover for the Inverter, because there was a blemish on the cover, I couldn’t see it, but he could, that’s the level of detail that this team goes too.

I can not speak highly enough of Rollo and the team. My wife and I may be purchasing another property in the next 9 months, and I will be loading that up with Solar as well. This time I won’t be getting another 4 quotes, we will be going straight back to Replenishable Energy.

The 10.8kw system we have on our roof has halved our electricity bill, as promised by Rollo. Thank you Rollo and all the team, for your help and patience, and probably answering the same question put to you 7 different ways.

Best regards,