Rollo is super friendly and gave me a great deal on my system, it may seem expensive to some, but i chose top end gear, and for that equipment that i chose was a good price.. I chose the 350W LG panels for the 25 year replacement warranty (the tropics are pretty rough on most electronics). I also chose Tigo optimizers for each panel as I’m in the jungle and get intermittent shading from trees, plus i get to make sure each panel is performing as expected.

I have 2 x 5kW Fronius inverters and a Tesla powerwall 2 to provide backup power. We get frequent short outages.

Overall the system is performing well (even though its been overcast since it was installed) and the only time we used any power from the grid in the past 24 hours was during breakfast, when the kettle, toaster, dishwashers and pool pump were all running.