A late review, apologies (install date was November 2017) 13.2 kW w/ Fronius 5kW inverters.

Throughout my time spent researching different options and companies for my solar system, it quickly became clear that Rollo and the team at Replenishable Energy are the ones to beat.

I initially made a webpage enquiry, detailing what I thought that I needed. Less than 24 hours later, I received a phone call from the Manager, Rollo. In the next few days, site visits were made by Rollo as well as one of his lead electricians who measured up the space available on my roof and relayed huge amounts of information to me about the system that would be used at my property.

Never once was I left in the dark, felt like I was being pressured to make decisions or my thoughts or opinions dismissed by Rollo or any of his installers. Everyone who I spoke with though out the process was always polite and genuine.

Once the panels were up, and the inverters were installed, I was contacted the following day by Rollo and Amanda to assist with setting up the remote monitoring software and to make sure that my experience was a positive one (it was!)

Overall, it was a pleasure to deal with Replenishable Energy. They made everything EASY. Things were never a fuss, and their trades staff are top notch.

10/10 would recommend to anyone who would listen.