After having been notified by Solar Quotes of the three companies they had contacted on my behalf, I was surprised to receive contact from all three the same day. After arranging a time and day to meet all three, we settled on Replenishable Energy to do our installation. Their salesman was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about all things solar and in particular the products they were selling. He was able to give us enough information to make an informed choice about the different products they sell and which would work best for our needs. Soon after these meetings, all quotes came in quickly. One of Replenishable Energy’s systems was an identical system to another installer but with a $1000 lower quote.(We did not buy this system) I went in and was able to talk directly to Rollo, the business owner for more explanation and information. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for him despite his busy day and I left happy to go ahead and place our order. The company gave us a ball park estimate of when they would be able to install which turned out to be very accurate. On the day of installation, the team arrived on time, introduced themselves politely and were very professional in their work and their dealings with us throughout the day. At the end of the day, the installation was complete and up and running and they took all rubbish and mess away with them. We are very happy with their after sales service as we had a couple of cables that needed re clipping. They responded the next day and got this minor detail sorted. We also had a ‘Catch Power’ diverter fitted shortly afterwards. Rollo responded to me personally about this. The installation was completed immediately after a new Wi-Fi router was obtained. All of our dealings with everyone from office staff, to tradesmen and installers, and to Rollo himself were nothing short of very pleasant, trouble free and professional. I would highly recommend them.