I initially requested an online quote and Rollo was quick to reply and followed up with a phone call which was great, since my requirements kept changing as I learnt more about the systems. Rollo was really helpful here and was able to explain it to me (a complete novice) in terms I could understand. My requirements changed several times and each time Rollo was happy to talk though the new requirements and provided a competetive quote.
I finally decided on a hybrid system, which allowed me to store my own power in a battery while also remaining connected to the grid so I can export any surplus energy or draw it if my battery were to get depleted. The biggest bonus for me was that this system will continue to operate should the grid connected power go down.
I compared this system to another quote I received from another supplier and the price was very closely matched, but the system Replenishable Energy recommended had greater capacity and better quality components.
Once I notified Rollo that I would be going ahead for them they gave me a two week window to instal time, but within a week Rollo called to see if it would be ok to instal it. The install was completed in one and a half days, with the workmen being really helpful, friendly and professional.
I have now been testing the system out (the monitoring app is very addictive!) and it is perfect for my application, I am really greatful to Rollo and the team at Replinishable Energy for the great advice, and for making this whole task (which was so daunting at the start) so easy!
My next door neighbours have been waiting a few months for Ergon to connect them to the grid and they took great interest in how quick and easily my system was installed; I have been more than happy to recommend Replenishable Energy.