I was referred to Replenishable by another electrician I had contacted to conduct some repairs on a 10 year old system that was malfunctioning due to a DC current leak (system installed by supplier now out of business and I couldn’t get anyone to have a look at the system).

Replenishable were very helpful in suggesting how to find the fault and provided a quote for removing 56 panels, testing them and the connections, then reinstalling them and bringing them up to current standards. They even offered to help with any warranty claims should the panels be faulty.
Although I thought the quote for the work was reasonable ($3100.00 estimate plus parts to bring up to standards), I was concerned about spending this amount of money on an old system that was just about out of warranty, so I asked for some advice about options for replacing the system for comparison. Ensuring that any work didn’t affect the solar bonus scheme feed in tariff eligibility was a priority.
Rollo was very flexible in fitting in with my busy work schedule and visited me at home. I conducted quite a bit of research before this meeting, and Rollo was great at talking me through the various options for a replacement system, including options for a budget, mid-range and high end installation. He was well informed on regulations to ensure the replacement system didn’t breach the solar bonus scheme contract. I was so impressed with his advice I didn’t bother getting further quotes – I knew I would go with Replenishable even if they were significantly more expensive than other quotes. When the quote came through, I knew it was reasonable based on my research.

I decided to replace my system with a high end installation (LG panels, optimisers and Solar Edge inverter) based on warranty and individual panel monitoring so that I can identify faults in the future. The quote and contract were very detailed and easy to understand. The office were fantastic at fixing a date for the install so I could take leave to clean the roof after the old system was removed.

I was contacted a few days before installation to confirm the date and time, and contacted on the day to confirm they were on the way. Paul (electrician) led a well presented and professional team who introduced themselves and set to work efficiently removing the old system from the roof over a 4 hour period. I was donating the old hardware to a local farmer who was going to make use of the components in an off-grid installation – the team were careful in ensuring none of the old system was damaged in removal and stacked the panels and tracks tidily in the garden for collection (including all the screws and fixings). I was interested in the work they were doing, and all members of the team were happy to answer questions and include me in conversation.
The quality of materials used was matched by the team’s care and attention to detail in their installation – they respected my property and didn’t cause any damage. All wires were laid into the tracks or in conduit and secured with stainless steel fixings, unlike my last system where the plastic zip ties broke after a couple of years and wires dangled down onto the roof trapping leaves and causing obstructions to rainwater flow. They were very tidy as well, removing all wire cuttings and packaging – it even looked tidy while they were working.

I didn’t hear a swear word or any inappropriate conversation at any stage which should be highly commended (it isn’t something that worries me, but my wife is quite sensitive to the usual “tradie language”). She was so impressed she baked them a banana cake on the second day!
After installation, a clear system guide was provided including system inventory of all components with serial numbers and care instructions as well as startup/shutdown procedures. Registration with the monitoring software was arranged within 24h of installation.

I gladly paid the final instalment, an unusual feeling as I have grown used to begrudgingly settling accounts as most workers usually leave you feeling that you haven’t received value for the money you have spent – not in this instance!

I have no hesitation in saying that Replenishable is the best customer experience I’ve had and highly recommend them. I only wish they also provided a plumbing, painting and maintenance service as well!