Originally planned for a 6.6kW system and confirmed pricing with a second vendor so happy with quoted price. Found out that house actually has 2 distinct phases and Ergon put conditions on the install so resulted in the need to install 2 inverters (and decided to increase installed capacity to take advantage of the extra inverter). Replenishable Energy kept me well informed and worked with me to resolve 2 phase issue. Their electrical contractor did a great job on the install as well. Be prepared for delay in installing Smart Meter to take full advantage of solar production (took 5 weeks from PV install for meter to be installed by electricity supplier).

The system produces as expected (even on terribly cloudy days) with the only issue being excessive RFI that kills reception on several TV channels during daylight hours. Contacted inverter/power optimiser vendor but response is that inverter(s) comply with standards for RF generation and will need to move antenna. Luckily we’re rural and don’t have near neighbours – testing indicates need to relocate antenna on separate shed roof, 25m from house where PV cells are located. Not the end of the world as don’t watch much TV during the day but an added expense to rectify.