Meals on Wheels Solar

As a not for profit organisation, Marlin Coast Meals on Wheels try to reduce operational costs as much as possible. Rising power bills were certainly an issue and this was addressed with the installation of a new solar system.

Meals on Wheels Solar Cairns not for profit solar Marlin Coast Meals on Wheels Solar Meals on Wheels Solar

Project Overview

Meals on Wheels is a not for profit organisation, providing a truly valuable community service. Cost conscious, they wanted to reduce their rising power bills by installing an effective Cairns commercial solar system. They wanted a reputable supplier, delivering quality service and equipment at the very best price. That’s why they chose Replenishable Energy. At Replenishable Energy we are committed to making solar power as affordable as possible. We keep our overheads low, to help keep your costs low. That’s more money you can spend, on the things that matter.

Replenishable Energy inspected their premises, which is located in the Cruickshanks Centre at Trinity Beach. We took their roof pitch and aspect into consideration, when designing a Cairns commercial solar system which would deliver maximum results and power savings, at the best possible price. At Replenishable Energy we’re proud members of the Cairns community and were pleased to assist with this commercial solar installation.

Project Specifications

ClientMarlin Coast Meals on Wheels
LocationTrinity Beach, Cairns
TypeNot for Profit Solar

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