Cairns Bakery 36kW Solar System

Bushman’s Pies wanted to maximise solar generation, remaining a tariff 20 customer with Ergon and avoid tariff 44. We created and installed an effective Cairns bakery solar system, which has ticked all the boxes.

Cairns Bakery Solar System Cairns Bakery Solar System Cairns Bakery Solar System

Project Overview

Bushman’s Pies makes delicious pies, using quality ingredients. The majority of their electricity was being consumed between the hours of 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. This made them a perfect candidate to receive maximum financial benefit from the creation and installation of an effective Cairns bakery solar system. To develop a system which provided best results, Replenishable Energy completed a site inspection, roof inspection and review of current meter reads.

We also liaised with our client to understand their goals and objectives for installing solar. They wanted to maximise solar generation, minimising reliance on the grid and energy expenses. They wanted the option to feed excess solar back to Ergon and they wanted to remain a tariff 20 customer, using less than 100,000kWh per annum. They specifically wanted to avoid tariff 44 as equipment has peak demands around 40kW.

Taking all the facts and requirements into consideration, we developed a customised Cairns bakery solar system solution for Bushman’s Pies. It included the following:

36kW SolarEdge System with P600 DC optimisers.
JA solar 300W panels and SolarEdge SE27.6K

There were some special considerations in conjunction with this project. The roof had a number of existing air conditioning units, which we had to work around when planning PV placements. We also provided DC optimisation for every panel, maximising their individual and therefore whole of unit, production and performance.

Some areas required triple rail to install the maximum amount of solar required to minimise the loads from the bakery. There was only limited room for the inverter, so only one was requested.

The end result has been outstanding with our customised Cairns bakery solar system delivering superior performance. Almost 100% of the power generated is used by the business, with about 3-4% exported to Ergon Monday to Friday. Our accurate modelling and customised solar system produced a cost effective, value for money result.

If you’re investing an effective Cairns bakery solar system for your business or premises, contact Replenishable Energy today on 1300 682 773. Our site inspections and quotes are free. Our solutions will save you money.

Project Specifications

ClientBushman’s Pies
Location187 Scott Street, Bungalow Cairns QLD 4870
TypeCairns Bakery Solar System

Customer Testimonial

Pleased as punch, very happy with outcome for this time of the year (July). Big reduction in bills. Definitely met expectations and more. Rollo, Sarah and the team were efficient, professional and helpful. Transition went as smooth as pie! Installers were quick & efficient. Hell of a job. Can’t recommend highly enough. – Bill (Owner), Bushman’s Pies

Bushman’s Pies

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