A Selection of Recent Solar Projects

Redlynch Residential Solar

Michael has a larger house, located on acreage at Redlynch Valley. He wanted a solar system to reduce his power bills, while complementing his house aesthetically. He also wanted to future proof it. We delivered on all fronts.

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Mossman Fruit Farm Solar Installation

Ulysses Fruit Pty Ltd is a fruit farmer in Shannonvale, between Mossman and Port Douglas. Their cost of electricity was getting out of hand, so to save money moving forward, they installed a fruit farm solar system.

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Commercial Cairns Tourism Solar System

Tusa Dive are an iconic Cairns tourism operator with a strong commitment to sustainability. They chose Replenishable Energy to design and install their commercial Cairns tourism solar system, on head office in Portsmith.

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Tolga Banana Farm Solar System

Banana farm solar systems help primary producers control the rising costs of power. Replenishable Energy are proud to have designed and installed farm solar systems across the region, including this one at Tolga.

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Freshwater Solar System

The Johnstons had purchased a home in Freshwater. It was an older property with a lot of appliances and a swimming pool. With energy costs on the rise, they wanted to safeguard future expenses, by installing a solar system.

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Cairns Commercial Solar Systems

Zenith Pacific are like many other Cairns businesses; they wanted to reduce their power bills. Replenishable Energy are proud to have designed and installed a commercial solar system to their Portsmith premises.

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Meals on Wheels Solar

As a not for profit organisation, Marlin Coast Meals on Wheels try to reduce operational costs as much as possible. Rising power bills were certainly an issue and this was addressed with the installation of a new solar system.

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